AboutRussell Creek Pet Clinic and Hospital's origin began with James Greenwell's dreams in elementary school. He had always strived to become a veterinarian and help all types of animals that couldn't help themselves. His dog, Penny, was diagnosed with a terrible and incurable disease, Familial Dermatomyositis. He always wanted to become a veterinarian and to find a cure for that disease, that afflicted his doggie, and to prevent someone's loved one from being afflicted with the same debilitating disease. Fortunately, he is a veterinarian capable of helping sick or injured pets. He made it to veterinary school but the cure had already been discovered.  The disease was found to be a genetic disease. The "cure" was to quit breeding any pets afflicted with it. This was not a cure but the answer to the problem. We are here today to help sick pets and to practice preventive medicine to keep pets, other people's beloved family members, healthy and happy. We treat these pets for what they are --- treasured and beloved members of our client's families.