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International Pet Travel Services and Certification

Dr. James Greenwell, DVM is accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture. This accreditation enables him to help pet parents complete the necessary applications, inspections, and paperwork for international and interstate travel or shipment of pets.

When traveling or moving with your pet(s), there are requirements of the destination which are determined by each country. These can change frequently, every time you plan pet travel we will need to verify the export requirements.

We perform these services frequently and can help you take your pet anywhere you would like. Make plans as far ahead of time as possible. Many of the countries have requirements that can take weeks or months.

Pet travel to Hawaii is similar to international pet travel because the state of Hawaii is rabies-free. Therefore, the state of Hawaii is very strict regarding which pets they allow in or out. The paper work, examinations, and certification are rigorous, but very doable.

Travel Tips For You With Your Pet

Always, always, always place a collar with ID tag on your pet.

That ID tag should have contact information you will have, not your home phone number back in Watauga:)

Be sure to put your cel number, vacation house number, hotel's phone number, etc on the ID tag.

Since travel can be delayed from time to time, be sure to pack extra food, medications, and a water bowl in case there are delays which can be hours or sometimes days.

Be sure to also place identification information on your pet's crate or carrier, in case you are separated.

Many years ago, a baggage handler's association contacted us with the following request. They asked us to instruct our clients to place a sign on any crate stating the sedation status of that pet. They would see a weak animal and assume it was sedated or they would see a sedated animal and wonder if it was stumbling due to illness. Clarifying the status of the patient will help your pet have safer travel. It was very caring of those baggage handlers to make such an intelligent request.

Call Russell Creek Pet Clinic and Hospital, Dr. James Matthew Greenwell, DVM, to schedule an appointment to discuss international travel or airline certificates for travel at 214-547-8387.

For additional information, this is the United States Department of Agriculture's pet Travel Information page:




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