Listen and Give to Norm Hitzges’ Austin Street Shelter

Norm Hitzges' Norm-A-Thon benefits the Austin Street Shelter

This note is a big shout out to Norm Hitzges

Norm Hitzges is an iconic sports broadcaster who has worked in the DFW area for decades. His enthusiasm for sports has made him fun to listen to on both the television and on radio. He has used that energetic attitude to help the Austin Street Shelter for several years.

Annually, he has a broadcast on KTCK-The Ticket 1310 AM or 96.7 FM called the Norm-A-Thon where he has a very long radio show with great guests like Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, and the greatest sports stars of the area and sometimes nation.

His goal is to help the homeless people through the Austin Street Shelter. We have supported this charity and hope you will look at their website at

We are all so blessed and, if you are viewing this, you are probably blessed with the ability to live with a great pet. Count your blessings, have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday season, and a great New Year. Cheers!!!

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