Please Put Baby Rabbits Back in Their Nest

Wild Rabbit Enjoying a Break in the Yard

Please Put Them Back

Mother rabbits only feed their young twice per day. The parents will stay at a distance so they do not attract predators to the nest. If you find a nest of baby rabbits, put the nest and babies back. Baby rabbits that have open eyes and can hop are able to be on their own.

Even if you have touched the baby rabbit, it's parents will take it back:)

We know that sometimes, you see the parents get injured and that, of course, requires different handling. Nine times out of ten, though, the rabbits will have a better chance of survival on their own. Nature has been doing this for a long time.

We are here to help you. If you have any questions please call Dr. James M. Greenwell, DVM and staff at 214-547-8387. We have been helping pet celebrate more birthdays since 1991.

Here is a nice link to orphan bunny care:

Thanks to the veterinary school at the University of Tennessee for contributing to this article.


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