Three Rescued Hurricane Refugees Need Forever Home

We Need to Find Homes for Three Hurricane Refugee Dogs

When Hurricane Harvey struck the Gulf Coast, we could not stand to think of homeless dogs and cats needing our assistance. With the organizational skills of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, we were able to provide shelter and care to six displaced dogs and cats.

We were able to resettle our kitty friends and now the dogs are healthy and ready to find their forever home. We have three doggies. They are Buck, Champ, and Lulu.

Buck, pictured above(white spots) is playing with Champ, in background. He has been immunized and neutered by Dr. Greenwell. He is very calm and a very happy doggie. He wants to spend the holidays with you this year. The gift of love:)

Champ, seen above and below, is a great doggie too. Dr. Greenwell treated him for heart worms and will neuter him soon. We want him to get stronger after his heart worm treatment.

Lulu, shown below playing with Buck, is a female. She was spayed by Dr. Greenwell. Like the boys, we have fully immunized her and all she needs now is a forever home.

It is our dream and calling to help pets. Please help us help these beautiful doggies. Feel free to forward this to all your friends. We need all the help we can finding them good homes. Thank you for your help. Call us at 214-547-8387 or click our phone number below. Thank again!!

Here is a link to our American Veterinary Medical Foundation Fund GIVE NOW HELP NOW

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