Grapes and Raisins Pose Toxic Threat to Dogs

Grapes and Raisins Pose Toxic Threat to Dogs

Grapes can cause serious problems in dogs. Since raisins are dried grapes, they have concentrated toxins when compared with grapes.

Reported toxicity values are as follows. The toxicity of grapes is around 32 g/kg body weight. The toxicity of raisins is 11-30 g/kg body weight.  Converting this to every day language, a 10lb dog would need to eat about 1.8 ounces of grapes or about 0.7 ounce of raisins to have consumed a "toxic dose".

Bottom Line--Have a Zero Tolerance for Grapes and Raisins

I have read articles suggesting that any amount of grape or raisin consumption can be toxic. For this reason, I am extremely careful to not allow my pets to eat grapes or raisins AT ALL. I suggest that you try to have a zero tolerance as well. Better safe than sorry, right?

Just to further strengthen the "better safe than sorry" approach, researchers have yet to isolate the exact toxin. We do not know what makes them sick. Until I get more data, my dogs will only get a raisin or grape due to an accident that is beyond my control. I will have a ZERO TOLERANCE until we figure out what the toxin is.

For further clarity, we assume the toxins are in all types and varieties of grapes. Consider red and green grapes equally poisonous. All breeds, ages, genders are affected. Consumption can cause serious disease that is not to be taken lightly.

If your pet has consumed grapes or raisins, call Dr. James M. Greenwell and staff, immediately at 214-547-8387. We likely will want to have you bring your pet in for treatment. This may include inducing vomiting, blood testing, or other treatments to decrease absorption of toxins. Each case if different, we will evaluate each case as unique.

After hours, please call the Emergency Animal Hospital of Collin County at 214-547-9900. Their website is

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