Holidays Can Be Dangerous For Your Pets–Be Careful:)

My Little Buddy Chip Dressed As Santa's Reindeer

You already know the holiday season's plethora of sweets and treats takes a toll on your waistline—but experts say it may also pose a risk to your pets.

Dr. James M. Greenwell, and the staff at Russell Creek Pet Clinic and Hospital, see an increase in food-related illnesses—particularly those caused by chocolate, which pets can’t digest well—from Halloween through Christmas. Besides causing stomach or intestinal upset, chocolate contains a compound that can be toxic in large doses called theobromine. These candies are usually much more available to pets during this time. For more details on theobromine toxicity, click here.

In a new study, University of Liverpool researchers analyzed electronic veterinary medical records and discovered a “significant peak” in canine chocolate poisoning during the Christmas season. Chocolate boxes, cakes, liqueurs, Santa figurines and advent calendars were common culprits, according to the study. Some studies show the increase up to four hundred percent!! Enjoy your treat, have a great holiday. Please place these items away from your little, hungry, furry friends.

Just try to think like a dog or cat. If you think they will eat it or chew on it, put it away.

If your pet does consume anything abnormal, please call us at 214-547-8387. We are here to help you. We have been "Helping Pets Celebrate More Birthdays Since 1991".

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