3 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Senior Pet

It's Adopt a Senior Pet Month and we are spreading the word to everyone that is looking to adopt a new fur baby. Yes puppies or kittens are adorable but pets that are well past the puppy and kitten stages are not likely to be overly hyperactive, curious, or crazy chewers of anything within reach.

Maybe you could consider giving a home to an older dog or cat that needs a home. Yes, November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month but senior dogs shouldn't be overlooked by younger pets. Animal shelters across the country are full of animals of all shapes, sizes, breeds and ages, but senior pets are typically the most difficult to place. So let's take a look at a few reasons why you should adopt a senior pet into your family!

  1. Older pets are calmer - When you bring your new pet home you will notice they are probably a lot more calm than say a rambunctious kitten or puppy. If you are looking for the perfect cuddle companion then look no further than a senior pet!
  2. They are probably trained and housebroken - Oh the joys of training puppies. Not really the training part but the chewing. Nothing like coming home to lamp shades and the back of the couch missing. Usually, senior pets have had some form of training and you don't have to spend hours training them. And the good thing is that old dogs CAN learn new tricks!
  3. Vet Bills Might Be Lower Than You Think - Just because a dog or cat reaches the senior years doesn’t mean that each of those pets will get cancer or tumors, or that expensive medications will be necessary. If you take your pet to regular appointments with your local vet, nourish with quality food and exercise regularly then you and your senior pet should have a happy life together.

Adopt a Senior Pet Month is the perfect time to provide a home for a shelter pet.  Call James M. Greenwell, DVM and the staff of Russell Creek Pet Clinic and Hospital to talk to a friendly face so we can help you pick out your perfect senior pet and keep one less pet out of the shelter this holiday season.

One last word of advice, some adopted pets can have parasites or other issues that have been overlooked at the shelters. Try to make an appointment with us BEFORE you take your new pet home. We can, more times than not, save you money. For example, if the new pet has fleas, we can treat the pet only so you are not required to treat your whole house if the pet has been home for several days.

Call us at 214-547-8387 and we will help you.

SOURCE: Petful

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