4 Ways To Calm Your Cat During A Visit to the Vet

By this time, most cats are scared and resolve to retreat into the carrier, meowing with desperation. Still, their retreat doesn’t mean that the vet will take them without a fight. However, you can train your cat to stay calm during these visits by using some of the following methods. Putting an end to that feline resistance is the first step to ensuring your pet gives you pleasant memories for years to come.

Calm Cats

Here's how to make sure that the next visit to the vet is not only trouble-free but also fruitful and drama-free.

  1. Prepare the Carrier Beforehand
    When we say prepare the carrier, we don't want you to reinforce it with a steel wire mesh to prevent scratches or anything of the sort. Try placing it along the cat’s path a week before a visit to the veterinary clinic. You can also add treats to help the cat get more accustomed to entering the carrier to avoid a big fight on pet clinic day. This will go a long way in preparing them psychologically for the impending scheduled visit to the vet. Nonetheless, ensure that the carrier is on a flat surface when going to the vet.
  2. Cover it
    Covering the cat’s carrier can go a long way to keeping the feline calm. Unlike dogs or some flying pets, cats are not used to visiting new places or exploring the world with their tongue hanging out from the car window. Protecting them against scary and strange sights helps cats stay calm despite being inside a carrier in a moving vehicle.
  3. Friendly Veterinarian
    Just like it is with human doctors, some vets take up the job as an occupation as opposed to passion; your feline friend gets that feeling too. As such, it is essential to take them to a vet who likes cats. Some even practice in lobbies next to dog clinics, which might be the reason why your furry friend is always feisty when it comes to veterinary visits. So, do kitty a small favor this time around and find him a friendly vet.
  4. Start them off at a Young Age
    They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. The same saying goes for other animals such as cats. Take your kittens to the vet while they are still young but don’t take advantage of their frail condition, instead, make the experience as memorable as possible. By the time they are older, a visit to the vet will b just another day in the life of a cat.

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