5 Important Pet Health Tips to Ring In The New Year

As a pet owner, you should ask yourself what you can do to keep your pets health in check. And what better time to do it than the New Year! Here are 5 Important Pet Health Tips you can use as a checklist to make sure your pet is happy and healthy for many, many, years to come. Our goal is to help your pet celebrate more birthdays, we have been doing this since 1991!

  1. Schedule a yearly veterinary examination

Annual examinations for your pet are important. You never want to wait till your pet is sick before bringing them in to us. Rather, schedule a yearly examination with us so you can be assured that your pet is healthy. An annual physical exam is a vital part of maintaining a long, healthy, and happy, life for your pet. When pets become older, we sometimes increase the examinations to twice yearly since they age so much more quickly than we do.

  1. Vaccinations

Are your pet’s vaccines up to date? Immunizations protect our pets from harmful diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. Ask us to find which vaccines can benefit your pet based on their lifestyle and breed, and how often your pet should receive vaccines.

  1. Screening Tests

Screening tests are very important because they detect disease before signs and symptoms even occur. We will recommend screening tests to look for problems like diabetes or thyroid disease, depending how old your pet is. We prefer to catch problems earlier versus later. Usually, early detection results in less expensive veterinary bills and less suffering for your pet.

  1. Parasite protection

Parasites are a common disease in pets. They can be internal or external, like fleas and ticks. Parasites  can also lead to heartworm and Lyme disease, which can result in possible death. This is another reason to schedule an exam each and every year.

  1. Microchips

Does your pet have a microchip? If not, they should. While ID tags are important, you can’t guarantee that you’ll find your pet if they wander away from home. Collars and ID tags are not always the answer because they can get brittle and fall off. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. We can easily inject the microchip--it is as easy as "getting a shot".

We all want to ensure the best for our pets. These pet health tips should ensure that your pet has safe New Years for many years to come. 

If you every have any questions or concerns, call James M. Greenwell and his staff at 214-547-8387.

Source: Pet Health Network
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