Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

Just three months ago, cat lovers around the world and in the United States commemorated the 'kitten season.' Through our dedicated efforts, hundreds of thousands of homeless kittens were assimilated in animal shelters in different parts of the country. And this meant two things. First, your nearest local shelter is now teeming with hundreds of cute, cuddly kittens - in addition to the older, mellow adult cats. Secondly, it is time for cat lovers to add a new member to their brood. It can be to replace a lost or fallen member or simply give the older cats a younger companion to look after. For this reason, mark this year's June as the official 'Adopt a Shelter Cat' month, which is coincidentally also that time of the year when we witness a sporadic increase in feline breeding.

The bottom line here is that there is an expected influx of newborn and homeless cats as we kick off the highly anticipated summer months. And this is much as the ASPCA Adoption Center's around the country will be working around-the-clock to find new loving homes to settle felines. As a cat lover - and above all an animal rights enthusiast - here is what you can do to help with the situation.

1. Adopt a New Cute Cuddly Kitten

We can all agree that nothing is more adorable than a few weeks old kitten. Well, and there's no better time to get a new feline friend than during the onset of summer. This year's kitten season also correlates with a tremendous explosion of the feline population, following the concerted efforts that animal lovers have made in the past weeks to rescue and rehabilitate homeless/lost cats. So, it is expected that the animal shelter near you has more than enough new kittens in need of a loving home. Make a difference today and adopt one and watch them grow!

2. Bring in Your Kittens for a Comprehensive Checkup

Thcat photois year's kitten season is also the opportune time to visit your nearest veterinary center and have them spayed to eliminate chances of unwanted breeding in the future. What's more, sterilizing your new feline companion lessens their predisposition to numerous cancers, especially those revolving around the reproductive system. While at it, have them vaccinated against common cat illnesses and diseases such as Chlamydaphilla Felis and rabies. A full and comprehensive dental checkup of your rapidly growing furry friend will also be appreciated in the future.

Source: American Humane Society, ASPCA
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