Adopting A K-9 Veteran This Veterans Day

With all the talk about adopting senior dogs this month, you might consider adopting a K-9 veteran this Veterans Day. Most people don't think about "dogs of war" but they are just as brave and courageous as our troops and deserve to be put into wonderful homes when they retire.

Most people think of “attack dogs” when they think of military or police dogs, but this is not the case. There is more to our courageous K-9 pals. They play such an integral role in the society of our police department and our military. Going beyond that, the military trains these brave soldiers to be search and rescue dogs, detection dogs, arson dogs, bomb detecting, even dogs that detect decomposing bodies. suggests an estimated 2,300 dogs are enlisted in the U.S. armed forces. How long a dog will stay in service and how long it will take to train these brave K-9's all depends on the specialty of the dog. The Army provides the veterinary care for these animals and the Air Force is responsible for training dogs for military service. Veterans Day commemorates the appreciation for the brave men, women, and dogs that serve the county in all areas of public service.

It is truly amazing what our military dogs do for us every single day. They will continue to pave their way in history as intelligent and magnificent animals. Do you feel that you would like to adopt one of these amazing, 4-legged companions a great home? The Air Force website has more information on adopting a these retired heroes. Or you can contact us and we can help point you in the right direction to owning one of these magnificent dogs. If you need assistance call James M. Greenwell and the staff of Russell Creek Pet Clinic at 214-547-8387.  You might find that they are the perfect loyal companion to you and your family.

SOURCE: Plentiful
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