Celebrate Pet Week By Celebrating Your Shelter

Celebrate Pet Week By Celebrating Your Shelter

Without local animal shelters, millions of animals who go on to be pets and best friends would be abandoned and not cared for. A lot of the time, the work done at local shelters is done behind the scenes with no fuss or fare. The people who work there day in and day out behalf of our future pets deserve the highest of praise, even though they don’t want praise. They just want to save lives and should be worthy of our gratitude.

Shelters provide us with the greatest connection we can make; they supply us with our best friends! They are one of the only places you can go to and leave with a lifetime of companionship while saving a life and gaining unconditional love. You can’t get that at your local shopping mall! Shelters do an amazing job of helping adopters make decisions that are in the best interest of the pet and their family.

Shelters are also a good source of education, giving us a place to educate the children and people of the community by offering education programs. The more we know, the more we can help the animals in our cities.

While there are dozens upon dozens of other reasons we should appreciate the work done in our local animal shelters, these are among a few you should appreciate your local animal shelters and all of the selfless work being done without our knowledge to help animals. Without animal shelters, you might not have a pet to celebrate this National Pet week.

Source: Petsafe
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