Bring Your Kids and Pets Out to Play

 Nothing can arguably bring you so much joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, and a sense of purpose than a litter of pets and a group of kids. In fact, the best way of taking a break from the daily humdrum of our busy, arduous, and lackluster days is by spending a day with children and animals. This is one of the reasons Collen Paige - a celebrity, family, lifestyle and pet expert - pushed for the commemoration of Pets and Kids Day every year on April 26th. And this year is no exception. The former EMT and medic also recognized the importance and value of the special bond that kids typically develop with their pets and chose to set aside a day to pay homage to this unique relationship. This is also the day that adults and parents are encouraged to help spread awareness of the plight that sheltered, unadopted pets face every year that they remain unclaimed.

kids pets dayAccording to the pet lover, who is also the founder of numerous animal welfare organizations, the Pets and Kids Day is the ideal time of the year to teach our children how to show unconditional compassion. It is also the day to re-evaluate the kind of relationship that our children at home have developed with our pets. Children with learning difficulties, for instance, can improve their reading and understanding prowess by regularly reading to pets. Unlike when reading to other people, shy children are not afraid to make mistakes, mispronounce words and strive to do better altogether when conversing with pets.

A recent study also shows that kids whokids pets day are entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of pets early in life turn out to be more caring, responsible and all-around adults. In fact, they tend to be more extremely compassionate, nurturing, selfless and dedicated. And April 26th is the best day of the year to appreciate the role our pets play in our kid's upbringing.

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