Build Boundaries for your Dog

It is vital to give your canine friend rules, limitations, and exceptions. Your dog ought to know what they can or cannot do, and where not to do it and, for how long, if they have to do it. Here's a quick primer on how to socialize your dog by imparting the sense of boundaries in them. 

1. Claim your Space and Don't Relent or Back Down on it 

Your barking buddy is a territorial animal, regardless of what you would like to believe or how domesticated you think they are. And you've ever observed dogs interacting; then you must have noticed their tendency to claim their space. They will often do this either physically or through their body language or primal energy just to lay out the message that a certain space belongs to them, even without barking, gnarling or 'showing their teeth.' The same way your pawed friend might claim a food bowl or dog toy by only standing over it, you should control access to certain aspects of your home by authoritatively denying them entry. 

2. Learn to take the Lead 

One of the best ways to assert your authority is to form a habit of taking the lead, at all time. Not only does this emphasize that you're the leader but it also trains your barking friend to learn the virtue of learning how to stop and wait for your instructions, at every threshold. This way, you can have some degree of authority over the animal, and he will always look up to you for guidance and direction. One of the best ways of doing this by taking your dog for regular walks and insisting that you walk behind you all the way through. 

3. Correct Misdemeanors Promptly, Swiftly and in Time

If you're trying to teach your dog how to stay away from your furniture, then the best time to prohibitive the displeasing behavior is when he just about to jump on the sofa and not when he is already on it. In other words, he will be able to connect the improper behavior with your corrective action. And with time, this will be firmly established in his mind. The key to creating a concise and an almost palpable boundary to timing your correction with when he is just about to commit an error. 

Go beyond

Once you have succeeded in teaching your dog what isn't allowed and what is allowed, don't stop there yet. Go a step further and be consistent with a few things: For starters, maintaining these preset boundaries. Secondly, the exceptions to the rule to trespassing your boundaries.

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