Cats, Cars and Safety in Cold Weather

Cats seek warmth wherever they can, especially during the cold winter months. One particularly irresistible place for our furry friends is the cozy confines of a warm car engine. Unfortunately,that might not be the most ideal place for them when the car is started, causing injury or death. Help keep our feline friends safe this winter with these great tips.

Cats - Keep Them Inside

The best advice regarding your own cat is simply to keep him indoors during the winter. You’ll protect him not only from engine dangers but also from becoming lost, stolen, or injured.

Check on Them Before Leaving For A Trip

With your cat safe inside, it should be easy for you to check on her before leaving on any trips.

Give Them a Warning

Even with your cat safely inside, neighborhood and feral felines could still be hiding under your car. You can honk your horn before starting your car to help wake up any sleeping cats under or in your engine and give them a chance to escape before starting the car.

Source: Pet Health Network 

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