Celebrate the Dog Dad in Your Life this Fathers Day

Father's Day

When it comes to Father's Day, dads have long gotten the short end of the gift stick with the usual boring ties, tools, and T-shirts.

But when you add pets to the equation, these same old dad gifts become a lot more memorable.

Active & Outdoors

Does dad like to go for runs with his dog, walks in the park or try to stay active? Help him track his steps with a paw print pedometer. If jogging is his thing, running shorts feature paw prints and are not expensive at all. You can alway get the furry one a toy like a Chuck-It and add to the outdoor fun. You can end up running just as much as your dog trying to keep the Chuck-It away from him.

For less strenuous outdoor activity or for smaller dogs unable to run or walk long distances, consider getting a pet trailer that tags along behind a bicycle or pushed like a stroller. This allows different or smaller pets to spend more outdoor time with dad without the hazards (and make sure to bring extra water in hot temperatures).

Charitable Gifts

Make a donation to dad’s favorite animal charity or your local shelter in his name. Shop for gifts from websites that donate to animal charities and causes. If money is a concern, consider taking dad to the animal shelter and volunteering with him for the day. It helps the animal shelter, it’s free and you will feel good afterward. Call the shelter in advance to check on days and times that would be best to visit. You can also round up extra blankets, sheets, pillows and pet items and do a shelter drive-by.

Memorial Gifts

If your dad is an animal lover and recently lost a pet, this can be a difficult time. Sometimes the best gift you can give to someone who has lost a pet is your time, patience, understanding and willingness to listen. Another memorable gift people love are pet DNA tests. Those usually run no more than $100 and are usually very accurate.  Call us with other questions and to have a DNA test performed at (214) 547-8387.

SOURCE: Petful
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