How To Choose The Perfect Shelter Dog

How To Choose The Perfect Shelter Dog

It’s Adopt-A-Shelter Dog month and it’s the perfect time to bring a shelter dog home to join your family. If you’re thinking of adopting a new canine family member this month - or any month of the year - here are some tips to consider before choosing the perfect shelter dog for you and your family.

Questions To Ask Yourself

Why is the dog in the shelter in the first place?

A stray’s history is an unknown, but if a dog was given up, you’ll want to know why. It may have nothing to do with the dog at all…in fact, it could have ran away, the owners neglected the animal or even a divorce in the family. You have to also consider that the previous owners got rid of the dog due to behavior problems Behavior problems are often treatable, but it’s good to know about them up front.

Does the dog have any known medical issues?

It’s better to know in advance if the dog has any medical ailments that might not be visible. You don’t want to be stuck with outrageous vet bills.

Has the dog been temperament tested?

Temperament tests try to gauge a dog’s personality and catch red flags such food and object aggression and overall temperament. However, if you do adopt a shelter dog, be careful and gauge the dog’s behavior for the first few weeks to make sure it doesn’t become aggressive with objects, other dogs and food.

How Do I Select The Right Shelter?

Picking the right shelter is the first step in picking your perfect shelter dog. While some communities have only one animal shelter, others may have two or even three shelters from which you can adopt.

Schedule A Meet & Greet

You can schedule a meet & greet so you can see how your potential shelter dog acts around your family. Spend plenty of time and get a good vibe for the dog. Does it feel like a good fit? Get to know it and make the wise decision.

Let us help you screen the dog

In the past, we have had adopted pets have serious issues that were overlooked at the busy shelter.  We have caught serious issues that would change somebody's mind if they wanted to keep that pet or not.  It is wiser to do it on the way home, then after you have fallen in love with the dog over the course of weeks or months.


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