Commemorating National Puppy Day – March 23, 2017

'Every dog has its day,' goes the famous adage.

In line with this, ten days after the commemoration of their elder brothers' National K9 Veterans Day on March 13, our tail wagging and sniffing chums will have their dedicated day. All dog lovers and pet owners mark your calendars on the 23rd day of March this year. It is the National puppy day.

History of the National Puppy's Day

Established ten years ago on March 23, 2006, by Colleen Paige - a celebrity home lifestyle expert and pet lover - the day is annually dedicated to your cute furry friends with two main objectives. First, to recognize and cherish the joy and warmth that baby pups add to our lives. Second, to raise awareness of the essence of pet adoption and significant issues surrounding a puppy's health.

What you Should be doing on National Puppy's Day

If you have recently acquired a puppy, then this is the best time to schedule a first comprehensive checkup. However, it is important to bear in mind that puppies should be first vaccinated at the age of 6 weeks. An early visit to your vet will ensure a flourishing future health of your growing barking buddy.

The National Puppy Day this year is also the opportune time to purchase a name tag or make sure that your pup's current name tag is in good condition and up to date should they get lost in the neighborhood. Puppies naturally love to explore their immediate environment. It shouldn't surprise you that they have already lost it.

Lastly, 23rd March is the day you puppy proof your home by storing away hazardous household chemicals such as cleaning agents and medicine. You may also want to keep your curious tail-wagging friend away from from the danger of consuming 'people's food' that can be potentially toxic to dogs. This includes foodstuff such as avocados, onions, chocolate and most kitchen ingredients.

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