Commemorating the National Pet Poison Prevention Week

The third week of March every year is routinely dedicated to raising awareness of pet poison prevention in the United States. And this year is no different: From March 19 to 25th, 2017, pet-owners are encouraged to join hands in eradicating the ever-present hazard of potential pet poisons in their homes and workplaces that are responsible for over a million deaths of our treasured companions every year.

History of the NPPW ( National Pet Poison Prevention Week)

It was first observed in March 1961 as a way of calling to attention the unseen dangers of pet poisons lying around in our homes and offices and how one can prevent accidental pet poisoning. In the past two years, hundreds of thousands of pets across the US, and millions of others in other countries have died from both deliberate and accidental chemical poisoning. This, coupled with the fact the environmental pollution is at its record high, has threatened to exterminate a significant pet population around the world.

How you Can Join the Movement

As a pet owner, you can contribute to this cause by playing your role in raising awareness of the unseen danger lurking in our homes in the form of potential pet poisons. It can be as simple as sharing 'pet poison facts' with your online family via social media tweets and hashtags either on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Again, spread the message by viewing and sharing pet poison statistics [ ]

In similar tandem, lead by example by cleaning out all potential pet poisons in your home's basement, store, garage or cellar. This might range from unused and expired medicine tablets to undisposed old bottles that previously contained toxic substances such as household detergents and cleaning aids. Also, this is a good time to rid your garage of any potentially hazardous chemical. Alternatively, lock it up securely in a place where it is not easily accessible to pets.

Poison Control Centers

Lastly, when was the last time you visited or called your nearest poison control center or veterinary? The pet poison prevention week is also an opportune time to familiarize with the location and staff of your nearest poison center.

SOURCE: American Association Poison Control Centers
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