Correcting Unwanted Dog Behavior

Behavior - In The Beginning

When getting a dog, every owner imagines the companionship, trips to the park, long walks, and unconditional love. What they don’t expect is an aggressive barker that runs away. A dog that would rather rip the couch apart than snuggle, or a fur friend that would rather dig up your yard to hide a ball than to catch it.

The perfect pet can be hard to find. Even with years of training the “perfect” dog can still run, dig, and over eat. Understanding this is key to correcting unwanted dog behavior.

Knowing and understanding why your pet has an issue will help you find the proper way to correct him and deal with the problem. While there could be a number of environmental factors plaguing your pet, his issues could be ingrained in his DNA.

If your dog is doing something you don't like, call us and schedule a behavior consultation.

Source: Petsafe
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