Dog Bite Prevention

It is estimated that more than 5 million people in the U.S are bitten by their four-pawed companions every year. To make matters more upsetting, cases involving young children make up more than 50% of these highly injurious incidents. In response to this, the AMVA ( American Veterinary Medical Association ) dedicated the third week of May every year to combat this distressing crisis and raise awareness of issues revolving around the dangers of dog bites. This year, 15th to 19th May has been set aside as the annual National Dog Bite Prevention Week, and as dog devotees, we're all expected to stand in solidarity for a healthier and friendlier society for both our pets and kids.

Join the Movement

Preventing and combating the numerous cases of canine bites that have been on a worrying rise in the last four years requires the input of both pet owners and their immediate neighbors, friends, and family. As a responsible pet owner, it is your duty to caution who might want to approach or pet your dog without your consent. Also, cultivate the culture of walking your dog on a leash whenever in a public park or crowded place and teach your children/siblings the same. And when you get a new puppy, it is your responsibility to impart in them healthy socialization skills as early as possible to promote harmonious living with other pets and peoples.

Protecting Our Children

On the other end of the spectrum, children ought to be taught to never provoke a dog through pulling, pinching, kicking, poking or teasing. If anything, young children below five years shouldn't be allowed to pet aggressive breeds of dogs until they are old enough to decipher an animal's temperament and body language. Lastly but not least, ensure that you bring in Rover for a comprehensive check-up at least four times every year to protect them from common dog illnesses that might trigger unexplained hostility.


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