Doggy Diet Tips

Doggy Diet Tips for Healthy Weight Loss in Dogs

A good percentage of canines today are overweight as their owners continue indulging them with lots of treats and foods. These few tips listed here should help your dog to lose weight. 

We love our dogs and often like to lavish them with treats and foods. This has led to overweight dogs who are more vulnerable to illnesses like arthritis, heart problems, diabetes and breathing difficulties. Once dogs are overweight, they also become less active and have a generally poor quality of life. To help you avoid all these health complications, here are a few tips to ensure your dog maintains a healthy lean weight.

Always Feed Them Less

The first place to start is to ensure that your dog is eating fewer meals. To achieve this, you will need to measure their current portion sizes and then gradually cut down at least five percent at a time. Ideally, active dogs will require more calories as compared to their less active counterparts. So, ensure you are giving your dogs the minimum amount of food they need to stay fit and healthy.

Let your Dog Exercise More Often

Exercise is one of the best weight loss strategies for both dogs and humans as well. Try incorporating more playtime with your dog every day as a way of exercising them. For example, three sessions of fetch or tug can allow your dog to easily burn off the extra calories. Most importantly, start the activities slowly and allow them to build up strength and endurance.

Avoid Unnecessary Dog Treats

You need to avoid giving into all your dog demands for food and treats during the day. Even if you are using the treats for dog training, you should start spacing them out or breaking them into smaller bits. In addition, you can also consider replacing dog treats with veggies or fruits.


Helping your dogs to lose weight is critical to ensuring that you get to enjoy spending time together for many years and these tips listed above will allow you to do that.

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