Don’t Forget To Answer Your Cat’s Questions

If you've been looking for an opportune time to hash things out with your pet cat, then this year's National Answer Your Cat's Question Day on January 22nd might be just what you both need. It's true that living with a cat comes with immense benefits. One of these merits is that you'll always have him/her to listen to you blabber about how horrible your day was or how much your crush makes you feel tingly in your stomach or any of those deep and crazy fantasies that you keep hidden from the rest of the world. The bottom line is that your cat will always be there to listen to you without any form of judgment, but what happens when the tables turn and they are the ones that need you to listen to their questions and to answer them without being judgy?

Seeing as these cute and cuddly pets are curious and playful in nature, keeping them in check can be quite a task. In most cases, if he/she's not scratching your couch, they might be chewing on something that shouldn't be chewed on or trying to get on the kitchen counter among so many other mischevious deeds. Your reaction to their mischief always leaves them with a lot of questions like;

  • what did I do wrong? I was just having fun...
  • Why is he/she angry that I peed on the carpet? I really had to go...
  • Why did he/she shout at me when I was scratching the new couch? I was just trying to see how sharp my claws are...

Basically, it's usually quite hard for them to understand your resulting behavior and that's why taking some time to answer some of these questions could greatly help your cat to improve its overall behavior. They say, "Curiosity killed the cat!" And no matter what you say or do, they will always be curious and attentive to detail. So, before you bring something new to the house, or react oddly to their actions or even yell at them, just know that you will be held accountable for your actions during this year's National Answer Your Cat's Question Day.

SOURCES: Catster, Punchbowl
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