Exercise Your Dog

With the tight schedules and tones of responsibilities, sometimes it becomes almost impossible to spend quality time with your dog. However, there is still something you can do together, and that is exercising. Do you want to break the monotony and try something new with your dog? Here are some few fun activities you should consider;

Stand-up Paddleboards.

Stand-up paddleboards allow co-piloting which is perfect for you and your dog. Let your dog stand at the front while you take the piloting role. The key is to go out on a conducive day with fewer winds. You don’t want to scare your dog on day one. Be sure to ride at slow speed and increase gradually as your dog gets comfortable. But most importantly, remember to dress the both of you with lifesaving gears. It is dangerous out there.

Dog Yoga

Also known as “doga”, this ancient practice is refreshing to your dog just like Yoga is to you. As much as your dog is naturally born with stretching skills, you can help improve them through “doga” classes. The opportunity will also help you bond with them as the both of you exercise. Additionally, you get to use the opportunity to pay close attention to some details you might have ignored such as painful areas.


Love adventure? Go hiking with your dog. The experience is not only refreshing but also offers a wide range of bonding activities. However, this is only recommendable if the both of you are used to tedious working exercises. If not, start from taking long walks before moving to the next level.


If your dog already knows how to swim, then this should be pretty easy. However, if not, then you have to start from swimming lessons. Swimming is an enjoyable activity you can enjoy even on a low-key day. You can add more fun to it by playing “catch” using a ball or their favorite colorful toy.

Dog-friendly Races

After training for a while with your dog, you can now move to the next level. Try signup for charity events with dog-friendly races. Through that, you and your dog will find the motivation for more exercising sessions. Additionally, you will get the chance to give back to the society which would bring you more satisfaction.

Snow Walking

The long cold seasons can be boring for you and your dog. However, the good news is that you don’t have to stay all day indoors. Get yourself warm and enjoy the snow. Most dogs enjoy the all-white-view.
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