Father’s Day and Dogs

Let's take a minute and appreciate all men out there who are not just fathers to their cherished kids but also dog dad's as well. These are dads who have to put up with not-so-pleasant motherpupper's antics every day but still love their dogs all the same. We all know that a dog is man's most faithful friend. As such, if he loves and has a special bond with his cute pup, why not just get him something special. If possible, something that he can share with his adorable canine persuasion. There are several things you could do to appreciate our dog dad's this coming father's day. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Get them a Thoughtful Gift

It could be anything practical (dads are practical!), ranging from a front pocket handy metro sling to a beer cozy. The sling, for instance, is perfect for that dad who is always on the go. It can hold an iPhone 6+, poop bag, wallet, treats, etc. It is an excellent accompaniment of routine dog walks, hiking excursions or just a stroll to the local coffee joint.

2. Get them a Customizable Card

Dads love cards too. And what's a better way of lightening up their mood than by sending them a card on behalf of their trusted four-pawed companion? Yes, this could actually go a long way in making their day.

3. Bring Frisky in for their Annual or Monthly Checkup

This is the best time of the year of taking the load off daddy's shoulder and relieving them from the responsibility of bringing in Frisky, Ruff or Tommy in for their monthly/annual vet checkup. Fathers, despite being some of the most occupied and busy members of the society, will still find some time to bring in their beloved pets in for checking. And this is an opportune time of reciprocating this by following dad's admirable example.

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