Tips to Create a Feline-Friendly Environment

Tips to Create a Feline-Friendly Environment

The life of a cat must be rough huh? Cats seem to have a pretty great life spent napping in the sun, being attended to, pet and fed whenever requested. But while things look all fun and games for your kitty, things may look a little different from a cat's perspective.

The cat thinks it is confined to the house, with no choice of what they are eating or drinking. He or she only has one small place to go to the bathroom and no way to clean it themselves. In addition to being confined, many natural behaviors, like climbing and scratching, can lead to cats being punished.

That’s why before you bring a new feline friend into your home, it is important that pet owners get familiar with the behavior of cats so they can create an environment to best suit the cat and its needs. By doing this, your cats will be happier and healthier.

On the contrary, living in a threatening environment will cause their stress levels, and hormones to rise, in addition to other concerns. By changing this and creating a cat-friendly environment, the cat will be interested in what’s on around it without continually being stressed out.

Always make sure to keep your kitties water fresh, with the food and water in fresh clean bowls. Try to remove their waste from the litter box once every day or so, to ensure they always have a clean place to go to the bathroom. Cats are neat freaks and need their food, water, and litter box clean at all times to feel the happiest. Cats also need stimulation and enjoy toys, catnip and places to climb such a cat trees you can purchase from your local pet store. The last thing that kitties need is regular attention and love. Once you have checked all of these boxes, you and your feline will live a happy life.

Source: AVMA
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