First Aid Kits For Animals

First Aid Kits For Animals

Did you know that April is National Pet First Aid Awareness month? If you don't have a first aid kit in your house for your pets, then these tips can help you put one together. We have compiled a short list of some must-have items to keep in your kit to keep your furry friend safe!

  • Bottles of water, and cans of cat or dog food. The pop-off lid food cans are the best type of cans to have. Never use a dry kibble. This is because it can go rancid after a few years. Avoid cans that require a can opener to open them.
  • A fresh, unexpired bottle of three per cent hydrogen peroxide. This is designed for inducing vomiting. Vomiting usually only occurs if your animal has been poisoned. Never induce vomiting without asking your vet first.
  • A quarter size bag full of kitty litter. This is a must for your pet bag. Particularly if you are on the run. It can also be kept in pet carriers.
  • A bottle of liquid dish soap. Preferably Joy or Dawn. This can be used to safely take out any poisonous chemical or toxin that may be in your animal's feathers or fur.
  • A can of chicken broth or tuna in water. This is used to safely flush out chemicals in your pet's mouth. It is safer than sprays or hoses.
  • Always include contact details of Russell Creek Pet Clinic and Hospital. Store our phone numbers in your mobile phone.
  • After hours, please contact the emergency animal hospital of collin county.

Do these basic things and you should always be ready if you need to administer first aid to your pet!

Note, The American Red Cross is a great resource to get information for a good first aid kit for your animals!

Source: Pet Health Network
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