Getting Your Dog and Cat Along

Getting Your Dog and Cat Along; Simple Tips For Pet Owners

Over the years the rivalry witnessed between cats and dogs has become an acceptable practice. Because of this, many pet owners prefer adopting either of the two as opposed to both of them at a go. 
However, with your help, this perspective can change. Therefore if you are planning to keep a cat and a dog, you have to put in a little more effort to ensure sanity in your household.

Consider adopting kittens and puppies at the same time

We highly advise you to consider adopting kittens and puppies as opposed to grown cats and dogs if you are thinking to keep them under one roof. Since both puppies and kittens are both young and unexposed to everyday reality, it is simpler to modify their relations into getting along from a tender age.
Additionally, going through different phases of life together, getting to play with each other, etc. allows time for bonding which cannot be easily erased even with external influence. However, you will have to teach your puppy how to understand when the kitten is tired as they are more energetic.

Conduct Some Background Check

Just the same way you conduct a background check on your employees, we suggest you do the same with pet adoption. Get to know more about your dog/cat's habits, more so about the other pair. Doing this goes a long way into helping you decide which animal fits your needs. If the cat or dog you wish to adopt relates well with other animals in the shelter, there are higher chances of them getting along with the one(s) you have back at home. Most people tend to assume that most cats are friendly, we urge you not to as some cats prefer having the whole space to themselves.

Don't Rush on the Introduction Sessions

We understand that sometimes you might get too excited to introduce your pets to each other. But you have to slow down. Remember they speak from entirely different angles which can make getting along a bit confusing. So your enthusiasm might not really work for them. Instead, take one step at a time. For instance, you can let them watch each other from a distance for the first couple of days and then get to reduce the range with time. Remember to be present all the time at least until you are sure of them correctly getting along.

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