How Choke Collars Can Do Some Real Damage to Your Canine Friend

A majority of dog owners are under this misconstrued misconception that choke collars are beneficial to their barking buddies. In fact, the first thing that a new dog owner does upon acquisition of a new pet is to buy a choke collar for restraining the animal. But it turns out that choke collars actually represent an unseen danger that lurks behind a seemingly harmless leash. Here is a quick primer to that. 

1. It's Physically Painful 

Attaching a tight leash ( or even a loose one that is poorly constructed ) causes an unimaginable pain to your pet friend is he were to accidentally lunge forward and blast his neck at the end of the leash. One of the reasons here is because a dog's neck, unlike a human's is quite delicate and more vulnerable to injurious tension. For example, the thyroid gland in a dog is located in the frontal part of the neck just below the larynx. This is also where a choke collar applies undue pressure when he is tugged on suddenly. If anything, just one incident of thrusting this collar an inhumane and sudden way can cause your dog a sharp tinge of pain that could last for weeks on end. 

The neck injuries that your dog could sustain from a choke collar can also deteriorate to something as severe as the destruction of the animal's thyroid cells. Which, as a consequence, will usually lead to the deficit of the naturally produced thyroid hormone. This result is perennial skin problems, unexplained hair loss, a lot of weight gain and low energy levels. 

2. Could Result to Long Lasting Neck Injuries 

A classical example of this laryngeal paralysis that is primarily caused by excessive pulling and tugging on a collar, particularly when this becomes a habit. In this case, the immediate lunging on a choke collar damages the very-important laryngeal nerve which is one of the longest nerves in a canine's body. And anything that compresses or applies injurious pressure on this nerve can alter and damage how the larynx works normally. This is also another good reason to substitute that regular choke collar with a suitable premium no-pull harness. 

3. Behavioral Problems 

Just as you would guess, an uncomfortable and irritated dog is an angry canine and a lousy playmate. Since a leash or a choke collar can gradually cause your dog a lot of discomfort, pain, and disease, it is also safe to assume that the same collar will make him an unhappy dog. No wonder some of the most vicious and unfriendly dogs are those that are perpetually on a tight leash. 

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