How to Make your Garden Dog-friendly

Look around. Roses are blooming, oaks are budding, and finally, days are now longer than nights. This means a couple of things; among them, we can now take our barking buddies out for longer and more frequently. Besides, this is also that time of the year when you can renew the foliage in your backyard, especially if you're thinking along the lines of the flowers and plants you'd love to have in it. There couldn't be a better time to start a nursery than this coming few weeks. And the good news is that now your four-pawed furry mate can join you. Having said that, here are a few tips on how you can make your backyard dog-friendly.

Weed Out any Potentially Injurious Plants

As much as plants and flowers might seem beautiful and eye-catching, a few of them can be toxic to dogs. These include plants that have tend to have sharp thorns or lots of intricate spines on them - to avoid any piercing or accidental eye injuries.

Craft an Area Border

Typically, chances are you have a few places that you'd want your dogs staying out of; these are places like rocks, driftwoods or aquatic pools. It is advisable to construct appealing borders around such places to reduce the chances of your pet wandering off to such off-limits areas.

Designate a Specified Toilet Area

Not only will a designated bathroom area simplify your daily or weekly yard cleanup regimen, but it is also an excellent way of enforcing discipline and good behavior in your furry buddy. What's more, it also spares your well-manicured lawn from 'burns' from urine. Furthermore, this kind of training can be done with all dogs except the very young puppies. Speaking of which, it helps to bear in mind that some dogs are generally fast-learners than others. There's no specific timeline when your pet should learn this kind of bathroom mannerism. Nonetheless, with a little consistency and patience, he can learn it sooner rather than later.

Designate a Place he Can Dig Occasionally

Instinctually, most dogs like to dig. It is not surprising that any dog owner with a backyard can attest to the havoc that their barking buddy may have caused in their garden at some point. However, it is easier to redirect these tendency than to try to stop it altogether. You can do this by setting apart a section of your garden for Tommy or Furry to dig whenever the digging bug bites him. SOURCES:

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