How to Prepare Your Home for Guests with Pets

Having guests over is a great feeling, but you would have a lot of considerations to make if they intend to tag along with their fur friends. Hence, you should always prepare to receive guests with pets in an exclusive manner.
The idea here is to make everyone at your home comfortable around the new-comers, and that would include your pet. But what if your pet isn’t guest friendly? How do you go about it?

Learn about the Visiting Pet

We advise that you take time, like a few days before the visit to call your guest and inquire about their pet. What do they like and how do they behave around strangers (both human and animals). That way, you will get a rough idea of how to organize your space and even prepare other family members for a visit.

Prepare a Spot for your Pet

Before the visit, organize a place for your pet. For instance, if they like resting near the living room, you can shift them to the hallway for some privacy and avoid conflicts with the visiting pet. However, be sure they are comfortable and used to the spot at least before the big day.

Let your Guest Corporate with You

Inform your visitor/s that you also have a pet at home and let them know. By doing this, it won’t come as a surprise when you request them to keep their dog/cat out of the way as yours makes its way to the yard. Also, some people don’t like their pets mixing with others, so it’s important that your guests stay informed.

Keep your pet Busy

You can decide to have someone take your canine for a walk during the time of visit to avoid conflicts. Consequently, if that isn’t possible, buy them a new playing machine to keep them wowed. Remember to have their toys within reach as well and check on them often.

Don’t skip your Pet’s Daily Routine

Ensure your pet gets on with their daily activities, and this calls for the help of other family members. For instance, meals and toilet visits should be on time to avoid triggering your pet into throwing a tantrum. It could get worse if they feel the “intruder” is receiving more attention themselves.

Reconsider Those Seat Covers

It’s more likely that the visiting furry might climb on your seats. So if you are not comfortable with them leaving some scent, you can take your favorite seat covers off.

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