Irish Breeds to Bring You Luck This St.Patrick’s Day

Irish Breeds to Bring You Luck This St.Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is here and everyone is looking for their lucky leprechaun on the other side of the rainbow with a pot of gold. Since that probably won’t happen, We have rounded up 5 of the cutest Irish dog breeds in honor of St. Patrick's Day!

  1. The Irish Terrier

Irish Terrier’s are definitely cuter than a leprechaun and they are super smart too! Did you know that this breed used to work as messengers and lookouts during World War I? Click here to learn more about the Irish Terrier!

  1. The Irish Setter

While Irish setters are now famous for their vibrant red coats, that hasn’t always the case. As hunter dogs their owners preferred them to be red and white, so they could see them easily in the field. Soon the breed began to appear in dog shows more than hunting in the field and people went crazy over their red coats. To learn more about the Irish Setter, click here!

  1. The Irish Red and White Setter

This breed almost faced the brink of extinction when popularity of their all red counterparts above was at an all time high. Fortunately they were able to be revived in the 1920s and are still around to this day! To learn more about the Irish Red and White Setter, click here!

  1. The Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound’s have ties all the way back to 391 A.D. originally being used in war to drag men off of their horses and hunt large game. Times have changed as today the dog is a great family companion competing in tracking and obedience. To learn more about the Irish Wolfhound, click here!

  1. The Irish Water Spaniel

This is a very special breed of dog to many. Why?  Because it barely sheds!  This breed is one of the oldest and most rare breeds of the spaniel. With its curly coat and fun loving attitude this dog will surely bring luck to anyone that needs it any time of the year, not just St. Patrick’s Day.  To learn more about the Irish Water Spaniel, click here!

Source: Pet Health Network

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