June Is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

June: Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

A new year brings a new season. In this case, this season happens to be “kitten season”. Kitten season starts in the spring, peaks in the late spring or early summer, and ends in the fall. Now would be the perfect time to adopt a furry feline! After all, the American Humane Association estimates that four million cats and kittens end up in the shelters every year.

What to consider before adopting:

  1. Consider your lifestyle before selecting your cat or kitten - Can you afford the cat or kitten? You will also need to buy food and litter monthly. To keep your cat or kitten healthy, annual veterinary exams are strongly advised. It’s important to consider this and we recommend calling Dr. Greenwell at (214) 547-8387.
  2. Do You Work Long Hours? - Adult cats are often more than happy to nap the day away alone while you're at work. Kittens, however, require your attention to raise and keep them out of trouble.
  3. Do you really want a long haired cat? - Cats & kittens with long hair will require regular grooming to prevent mats.
  4. Are there young children living in your household? - Very young children may not realize how delicate kittens are. Always watch after your children when they are with your pets. Cats that are at least one year old may be a better fit for homes with young children. Always ask about the temperament of a cat and let the shelter know if you have children in your household.
  5. Have you considered if a kitten is right for every member of your family? Kittens don’t always mix with children or seniors. For the child’s well-being and the cat’s, we generally do not recommend a kitten for families with children under the age of six. Kittens with sharp teeth and claws may inadvertently injure a small child. Their claws can also pierce the delicate skin of an older person and cause infection.

Just remember, cat’s are amazing animals that will shower you with love and affection. Give an adult cat a second chance at life and you will win their heart.

SOURCE: Petful
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