Just How Safe is Your Pet?

Commemorating the Pet Theft Awareness Day

LCA ( Last Chance for Animals ) - a non-profit welfare organization - will lead the way in marking the Pet Theft Awareness day on 14th February. And this will be in response to the burgeoning problem of pet theft that has plagued many pet owners for the last several years. So if you have a treasured furry or purring companion, this Valentine's Day is a good time to educate yourself on the best ways of preventing the theft of your 4-legged pal. And this is quite important as statistics show that only a mere 10% of pets stolen are recovered by their previous owners. Unfortunately, the rest will suffer cruel fates in the hands of dog breeders, guinea pig labs, or animal sadists.

Safety Checks

Having said that, you can take a step to protect your pet by marking the 14th day of this year's February to be a day when you take the initiative to implement a few safety checks for them. For instance, you should have your pet neutered/spayed to curb their natural tendency to roam or discourage an illegal pet breeder. It also the opportune time of the year to update the current photo that you have of your pet and get them a new identification tag for their collar. And speaking of identity, you can take it a notch higher and have your barking buddy or cuddly companion microchipped. This will make it significantly easier for you to track them down should they get lost or stray unexpectedly. Microchips are an inexpensive way to help your pet. Click here to read about pets that were rescued because of their chip identification. https://foundpets.homeagain.com/. Call Dr. James M. Greenwell, DVM and helpful staff at 214-547-8387 for more information on protecting your pet or to schedule an appointment for installing a microchip.

Other simple ideas include placing a lock on your privacy fence. Many clients have stated that they do not lock their fences because pool or yard maintenance employees can not have access. Masterlock makes nice locks that do not require keys. Click this link for more information on locks. http://www.masterlock.com/personal-use/product/175D

If hi tech excites you, there are newer tracking or location devices that can be placed on collars of both dogs and cats. Examples include the Trackr (https://www.thetrackr.com/). Here is a link to an article comparing different tracking devices.  https://www.thepawtracker.com/blogs/the-pet-tracker-blog-by-the-paw-tracker/84621315-top-13-gps-pet-trackers-dog-and-cat-cell-phones-best-of-2016-reviewed

In summary, it is best to have a multi-tiered protection system in place. This means a collar with an ID tag, a microchip, and, as prices come down, perhaps hi tech identification. If you need help, please call us at 214-547-8387.

Be Part of the Network

LCA's News Van will be doing rounds and hosting special appearances in your nearest town. Be sure to be on the lookout for LCA's volunteers who will be giving away vital information regarding pet theft this Valentines.

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