K9 Veterans Day

Let's Join Hands To Commend the Bravery of our Canine Friends.  

It is a day to recognize, commend and extol the courage of each dog that protects and serve this nation in any military or law-enforcement position.

Did You Know that a Dog is Man's Most Loyal Sentry?

Established by the celebrated famous dog handler, Joe White, March 13th is gradually becoming a nationally recognized pet holiday for commemorating the bravery and devotion of four-legged heroes. Throughout the United States, dogs serve in many enviable positions not just in the armed and disciplined forces but also in the customs, law enforcement, police and search & rescue teams. And this year, on 13th March 2017, the date is set to honor and recognize the launch of the United States Army k-9 Program back in 1942. It is a day to commemorate the bravery of all Belgian Sheep Dogs, Eskimo dogs, Doberman Pinchers, German Shepherds, Collies, and Malamutes that were trained to become sentries, scouts, and messengers during the 2nd World War.

What Does it Mean to a Pet Lover?

Pet dog owners and animal lovers who would wish to show their devotion, appreciation, and respect for the selfless contribution made by dogs in the past and present while serving this country can sign an ongoing online petition to have March 13th instituted as a National Pet Holiday. You can visit www.kcfadogs.org for more information on this. They are also several other ways of honoring the service and effort of such dogs in our military and law-enforcement agencies. A good way is making a donation to a non-profit organization at the forefront of providing life-saving protective gear to these fluffy soldiers.

That being said, on a more personal level, if you have a 4-legged pooch as a treasured companion, the National K9 Veterans Day should be a time when you take time off your busy schedule and visit your local veterinarian accompanied by your pet for a thorough and comprehensive check-up.

SOURCE: Dog Tipper, KCFA Dogs
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