Laser Toys; Are They Good For Your Cat?

Cats get amused by laser toys. The little moving dot tights make them even more interesting to your cat.
Additionally, the constant movement of dots in the laser dots bring a life aspect to the game; reason as to why cats cannot help but chase laser dots as they change direction and speed. Though this might seem fun to watch, how safe is a laser toy for your cat?

The Laser Beam

Although most people like the idea of laser toys for their cats, there are some concerns about the laser-bright laser lights causing damage to your cat's eyes. But then how true is this? As much as we don't advocate you directly pointing the laser lights into your cat's eyes during play time, there is nothing much to worry about if you happen to do so. The light released from laser toys is at a little range of milliwatts(typically 1-5) and is practically safe for you and your cat's eyes. Nevertheless, we urge you to be careful when selecting a laser toy for your cat as some models contain far too much light for pet use.


Just the same way exercise is essential to you, so is it for your cat. However, sometimes you get too indulged in other activities and forget to take your cat for that evening walk. This makes your cat's life boring hence they end up lazing around at their favorite corner while keeping an eye on you. If this becomes a habit, your cat might develop lifestyle complications such as obesity due to lack of enough exercise. However, with laser toys, this is bound to change as you can still take your dog for a vigorous exercising session right at the comfort of your home. The good thing is that it doesn't take a lot of time for both of you to have fun while keeping fit.

Bond Building

As we earlier on indicated, a busy lifestyle can lead to a strained relationship between you and your cat. When playing with a laser toy, you not only help your cat master vital prey tactics but also make them feel loved. Through this, you get to build a stronger relationship with much understanding of their prevalence, just as they do yours. Laser toy games also help you to teach your cat social skills such as boundaries and coordination.
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