Lifelong Benefits of Pet Ownership

Over the years, researchers have attributed pet ownership to a variety of physical and mental health benefits such as lower cholesterol, low blood pressure, and increased self-esteem. If treated right, pets offer companionship to their owners. By this, pet owners are prone to be more active as compared to when living on their own.
If you have been contemplating owning a pet and need more tangible reasons as to why that step could be of great importance, below is a list of benefits that should get you signing those pet adoption papers;

1. Makes your Children more Emphatic

Research shows that children raised in homes with pets become more considerate of other people’s feelings as compared to those brought up on their own. These children learn social skills from pets in the house and possess a high level of self-esteem. Researchers attribute this to the fact that pets require particular attention since they are emotionally fragile. Recent studies have even shown that special needs children excel better than households without a pet. Dogs and cats, alike, treat people more fairly than most humans do. One study, from a few months back, showed improved behavior in autistic children who lived with pets versus those without pets.  Lastly, children with pets generally have less asthma than in households without pets:)

2. Great Stress Reliever

Pets possess special calming effect on one’s emotions. A single stroke triggers the release of oxytocin and endorphins hormones that are responsible for bonding, hence acting as a stress reliever. Pets could be the reason as to why most of their lead a joyful life or at least pay less attention to stressful situations. Pets are also fantastic in offering unconditional love.

3. Reliable Exercising Partners

You must have probably noticed that most pet owners prefer having that morning or evening walks alongside their pets. Both cats and dogs enjoy open space. Pet owners get the opportunity to exercise as they walk and run. Some pets become more playful outside their homes hence getting involved in intense games that could involve their owners. These exercises are great for one’s health as they keep their bodies in shape through fat burning. Some of the activities you can also get involved in include; hiking, Yoga for Dogs and biking.

4. Boost Social Interactions

Pets can act as a starting point for conversations more especially among pet owners. They find in each other, something that they jointly enjoy which can lead to long-term friendships, for both their pets and themselves. Boredom and loneliness become a thing of the past.

5. Overall Health Improvement

When you take care of a pet, it becomes your second child and fills your heart with so much love, thus helping in minimizing the effects/ onset of stress caused diseases such as hypertension, cardiac arrests and cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
We love to help you with your pets. Please call Dr. James M. Greenwell and staff at 214-547-8387, if you have any questions or concerns with your furry family members.

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