Love Your Pet Day

On February 20th of every year, pet lovers from all parts of the United States of America observe what has come to be known as the National Love Your Pet Day.

I have taken my dogs out to eat on special occasions. One place that you can take them is your local Sonic. We would all sit in the car and eat dinner. I didn't want my guys to get an upset stomach, so they each got only one tater tot. They loved the experience!! I never took the cats out to eat--I didn't think they would like it:(

One of our clients remarked that EVERY DAY was Love Your Pet Day for her. We agree with her!!! (Maybe this is another holiday created to sell more greeting cards, LOL.)

This is an unofficial national holiday that is set aside for pet lovers to attend to and pamper any of their pets. If you are a pet lover as well, you’ll take the opportunity the day presents to reflect and focus on the special bond or relationship you have with your pets. More, it is a great day to take that relationship a notch higher.

The day cannot go unnoticed especially since almost every household in the United States keeps at least one pet. The most popular kind of pets many people keep in the United States are dogs and cats- dogs slightly outnumber cats. But, don’t get it twisted: pets are not confined to feline and canine categories as there are folks who prefer to keep reptiles, fish, rats, or birds as pets instead of cats and dogs. It looks creepy to keep certain animals as pets, but if their owners are comfortable having them, then it is alright.

On the 20th February, it won’t matter what you keep as a pet. Be it a reptile, bird, fish, rat, dog, or cat, it will be very kind of you to show love, care, and attention to your particular pet. That is not to say that you shouldn’t show your pet love, care, and attention on other days, but on the National Love Your Pet Day, you’ll take it a notch higher and solely focus on your pet, ensuring it gets a splendid time and treatment.

How do people observe the National Love Your Pet Day?

You might be wondering how you can observe the National Love Your Pet Day. For most people, they bring their pets a special treat, take them for a long walk, or otherwise do something good and unusual to your animal companion. Whatever you decide to do, ensure it gets fun.

We know you are busy, but if you have time stop by to visit and we will offer them a couple yummy treats. Dr. James M. Greenwell, DVM, and his staff love seeing and visiting with all of you:)

SOURCE: National Day Calendar
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