Maltese Dog Breeds

Facts About The Maltese Dog Breeds

It’s believed that the Maltese got their name from the island of Malta. The breed ranks as one of the oldest dogs in Europe. Its warm personality makes it one of the most sought toy dogs globally.


The glooming of Maltese comes typically as dignified and refined. Their bodies are usually small with a covering of white silky straight hair with no undercoat. The hair flows with a flare to the ground, giving them a breathtaking sight. The dog’s eyes and nose are black giving them a recommendable contrast to the white fur. And since they rarely shed their hair, they have become a favorite breed among individuals with allergies. They weigh between 4-7 pounds with a height of up to 10 inches.


Maltese are well known for their gentle and friendly nature. They are also very active and responsive to their surroundings.


Although the Maltese tend to be gentle and playful and quickly get along with family members, they can also be quite a handful. Therefore, we advise you to teach your children on how to relate to them from a young age. They even get along with other pets but tend to be shy with visitors but exhibit some protective traits towards their owners.

Special Requirements

The Maltese have a tiny frame thus don’t take up so much space in the house. However, they are quite sensitive to high temperatures and wetness, therefore, should remain most of the time indoors. You can, however, take them for simple walks in the day and leave them to play on their own. They are pretty active. Therefore this should be enough to keep them healthy. If well taken care of, these dogs can live for up to 18 years.


Brushing and application of lotion around the ears of the Maltese is a great move. Also, consider regular baths to keep the skin spotless.

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