National Professional Pet Sitting & Boarding Week

A Close Look at the National Professional Pet Care Week

There is no denying that some of you have had to board your pet at some point. It is pretty common for pet owners to feel a bit tied down or even obliged to take care of their pets, be they cats or dogs, instead of going out of town without having to worry incessantly about the treasured companions that they have left behind. We all also know that even if you have a few close friends and family in your neighborhood, you are not entirely guaranteed that they will watch your 4-legged furry friend throughout the time that you will be away. And this is where pet boarding facilities will often come to the rescue!

Recognizing the Valuable Efforts of Pet Boarding Facilities

Pet care takers should without a doubt be honored and recognized for the invaluable service that they extend to pet owners in different parts of the world. For this very reason, the pet care takers started this week back in 1995. It is typically observed during the first week of March, and this year, it falls between 6th and 11th March 2017.

Dedicated to all Pet Care Givers

The week is dedicated to all professional and expert pet care takers across the globe who sacrifice their time to keep a watchful eye on pet animals of all sorts. They are also trained to feed and clean them while their usual owners are either unable to take care of them or away on vacation. It is their prized job to keep our pets happy, active, healthy and cared for.

On a more personal level, this can also be an excellent time to take care of your pet's annual checkup. Visit Dr. James M. Greenwell, DVM, and staff and have them checked thoroughly for any possible unseen ailment or deficiency that they may have.

SOURCE: Russell Creek Pet Clinic
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