Pet Care Tips for The Winter

Winter is here,

and that always brings pet hazards. Beware of these problems to ensure your pets are happy and healthy until things warm up again.

Keep Pets Warm

Make sure your dogs have shelter and an area to stay dry and out of the cold and wind. Indoors is the best, but unfortunately not all circumstances allow for that.

Avoid Antifreeze & Other Poisons

A lot of people change the antifreeze in their cars in fall and early winter. As a consequence, veterinary ERs see cases of antifreeze poisoning in dogs rise when the mercury dips.

Watch out For Cats in Your Car

When the cold weather rolls in, cats look for warmth and shelter anywhere they can find it. In many cases this involves curling up to the warm bed of the engine in our cars. Be aware of this and check before starting your car this winter and causing potential harm.

Pets Need Fresh Water in Winter, Too

Make sure the water supply doesn't freeze. A frozen water bowl can lead to thirst and dehydration quickly.

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