Pet Friendly Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving is almost here and while we are busy preparing for the festive holiday, there are some precautions to look after when it comes to pet safety. Thinking of keeping your pets safe isn't exactly the first priority you think about on a holiday but the food that falls on the floor may be toxic to your pet. That is why we will go over a few foods that are pet friendly, as well as foods that are "not so" pet friendly. Let's take a look.

Pet Friendly Thanksgiving Food

  1. Turkey Breast - If your cat or dog does not have food allergies, it's safe to give (just a small amount) of some turkey breast to them. Just do not give them any skin, bones, gravy, etc. Just turkey breast and a little bit would be a great treat for them.
  2. Vegetables - Every dog ever owned has loved vegetables. Most of them are wonderful snacks for your fur babies. Just make sure there is no butter, gravy, cheese or any sauce that could be potentially harmful to your pets. You could give them some carrots, broccoli or sweet potatoes and they'll love it! They are essential in fiber and will keep your pet fuller longer.
  3. Salmon - If you're serving appetizers then pick up a salmon plate! A small amount would be the perfect treat for your dog or cat and they'll love you for eternity (or until you give them more salmon).

"Not-So" Pet Friendly Thanksgiving Foods

  1. Turkey Skin - As mentioned above, turkey breast can be a great treat, but keep the skin away.
  2. Cooked Bones - Don't question it, just don't give them any cooked bones. When a bone is cooked, it becomes very easy to break and can splinter into your pets mouth, throat, or intestine, causing harm to your pet and costing you a pretty penny at the vet.
  3. Chocolate - All pet owners know not to feed chocolate your your pets as it can be extremely toxic. We would never intentionally feed our pets chocolate, however it's important to keep in mind. Keep chocolate away from your pets and encourage your guests to do the same. Candy bowls could be potential targets that your pets would want to get in to.

If you have a question or concern, please call James M. Greenwell and the staff of Russell Creek Pet Clinic at 214-547-8387. We have been "Helping Pets Celebrate More Birthdays Since 1991". We want to help your pet have a long and healthy life.

SOURCE: Pet Health Network

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