How To Prevent a Pet Related Fire

How to Prevent a Pet Related Fire

Every year home fires affect an estimated 500,000 pets. Surprisingly, pets start about 1,000 of those fires. While it may be hard to believe that our beloved pets can be the culprit in such situation, taking simple measures to prevent such accidents are fairly easy and should be done to avoid any pet related fires!

Pets who are always trying to snatch food and goodies off of the counters are likely candidates for accidently turning on the gas stove. Once your pet is on the counter, or even licking grease from the burners, they may accidently hit that gas knob. This is not something you may think about every day, but it is a situation that happens and you should be aware of it and take measures to prevent it.

Put out open flames – Pets are naturally curious animals by nature. If the stove is left on, a candle unattended or even your fireplace on, it may be a little too enticing for your curious pet to ignore.  These can have devastating consequences.

Remove stove knobs - Remove stove knobs or protect them with covers before leaving the house. The stove or cook top is the #1 appliance involved in your pet accidentally starting a fire.

Buy flameless candles – Flameless candles are candles that use a light bulb instead of a flame. They are very realistic and a great way to have ambient lighting without using an actual flame. Cats are known to accidentally start fires with their tails.

Try Ceramic or Steel Bowls – Try switching up your traditional glass bowls to stainless steel or ceramic. Glass bowls can magnify the sun and depending on the temperatures, could start a fire on the grass or deck below.

Crate young pets – Puppies are mischievous and should be crated when you aren’t there to avoid potential hazards.

Just a few small changes around your house can add a sense of relief for you and your animals.  Knowing you have fire proofed your home and did all you could as a responsible pet owner to prevent pet-related fires. We have door stickers to alert firemen that there are pets in the house.  Stop by Russell Creek Pet Clinic to get your free sticker.

SOURCE: Pet Safe

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