Researchers: Dogs Aid in Office Place Teamwork

Dogs Aid in Teamwork in Office Environments:)

According to AAHA NEWS STat, researchers at Central Michigan University , followed up research results that show a dog's presence has positive effects on mood, and also tested whether the presence of a dog would also have positive effects on people in a work group.

They hypothesized the dogs would have a positive effect, improving people's moods and making them more willing to work cooperatively. The study was published in the February 2017 issue of Antrozoos.

In two studies, they assigned groups either an interactive problem-solving task or a decision-making task requiring less interaction. Researchers then had observers rate silence, 40 second video clips of the interactions where the dog was present but not visible or not present.

In the studies, people displayed more verbal cohesion and physical intimacy andĀ gave higher ratings of trustworthiness to fellow group members. Observers rated groups with dogs present as more cooperative, comfortable, friendly, and enthusiastic.

Some of us may want our boss replaced with a dog:). Here is a study to help you achieve that goal.

This is not really a veterinary medicine blog but something for dog lovers to enjoy. I will look for studies involving cats and post anything I can find. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pets, please contact us at 214-547-8387.


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