Russell Creek Helping to Rescue Cats & Dogs from Hurricane Harvey

We Have Received Hurricane Harvey Feline and Canine Evacuees

Dr. Greenwell and Kelly hold rescued cat and dog they will care for from Hurricane Harvey

Today, we received a delivery of six evacuees from Hurricane Harvey. Three dogs and three cats arrived at our hospital today. If we are able to place these six in foster care, we will ask to help more.

Popeye is very gentle We will care for him until his owners can be found or he finds a new forever home.

More pictures and details to follow...

More Details on "Operation Reunite"

The Texan veterinary community’s response to Hurricane Harvey has been tremendous, with hundreds of veterinarians and support staff volunteering their services in areas impacted by the storm. However, there are many veterinarians who would like to help, but are unable to travel to the affected areas and would like to know about other opportunities to contribute. With the assistance of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association(TVMA) and it's charitable wing, the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation (TVMF), we are pleased to announce one such opportunity—Operation Reunite. Operation Reunite will allow us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of pets and pet owners impacted by Harvey.

The mission of the program is to establish a network of veterinary clinics that, with the assistance of their clients, will provide foster care to pets displaced by the disaster. The ultimate goal is to return as many of these animals to their owners within 45 days of the animal being delivered for fostering.

Today, we received a shipment of pets in need. If you or someone you know would like to help, please let us know.

We have been helping pets celebrate more birthdays since 1991 and want to help these stranded cats and dogs live a long, healthy, and happy life:)

If you would like to donate to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation to help pets in our care, click Russell Creek Pet Clinic and Hospital AVMF Fund

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) is the charitable arm of the AVMA. For over 50 years, the AVMF has been dedicated to embracing and advancing the well-being and medical care of animals. Charitable contributions and support to the Foundation help veterinarians care for animals.

AVMF is a 501c3 tax exempt charitable organization.

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