Should I Neuter My Puppy?

Are you aware of the main reasons to neuter a puppy?

There are a lot of pet owners out there that opt to get their pup neutered. Many believe it is important for reducing the pet overpopulation. It also helps prevent aggression in dogs because neutered dogs tend to be less aggressive and less defensive.

Neutering your puppy can also prevent roaming. Pet Health Network says,

“Intact males are more likely to wander around, get hit by a car, end up lost or get into a fight. They can smell a female in heat miles away and sometimes will do anything to check her out—or worse. This can lead to countless undesirable encounters.”

Unneutered pets do have problems. In male dogs, the most common behavior is an aggressive temper.  Of course, there are many male dogs that have been neutered who are perfectly sweet.  Neutering, when done early in life, can reduce aggressiveness and improve behavior overall. If your dog loves to mount other dogs, it might decrease that embarrassing behavior.

Should I worry about the risks of neutering?

Talk to Dr. Greenwell about the benefits and risks of the sterilization procedure so you can make an informed decision. The cause of having your pets surgically sterilized results in the effect of a happier, healthier friend for life who is not contributing to a surplus of unwanted pets. Again, we’re talking life or death.

If you’re going to wait to neuter your dog for any number of valid reasons, you have to be an even more vigilant and responsible owner. Don’t let your dog roam free just because you’re “pretty sure” there’s no dog in heat for miles. He’s going to get hit by a car, or get in a dog fight. Don’t take male dominant behavior lightly. If Mr. Macho-in-the-Hood is getting out of control, the benefits of neutering may save you a lot of headaches.

Sources: Pet Health Network, AVMA, Pet Safe 

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