Snake Bite Season Is Here–Use Caution When Outdoors

Snake bites are an issue with our pets. A rattlesnake vaccine is available:)


With all the rains we have had and with the weather warming up, the snakes will be out. This time of year, they are coming out of hibernation and looking for their first meal. Be sure to keep the grass short around your house, especially if you live near a green belt. Practice good rodent control as well as snakes will move on if there is nothing to eat at your home. Almost every year, we treat pet that have been bitten by snakes.

In our area, Copperhead snake bites occur with the most frequency. They usually occur when our pets are off leash and allowed to run in green belts, near creeks or ponds.

If you travel to areas with rattle snakes, we do have a vaccine that can help. A rattlesnake vaccine has been out for about 10 years, in that time we have seen how well it really works.

In one area near Austin, a local veterinarian states “I don’t believe, at our practice, that we’ve ever had a death due to rattlesnake bite in a vaccinated animal. In the not vaccinated group, we’ve lost several, there's much less swelling and much less pain for the vaccinated animals and if we do need to give more anti-venom it's usually quite a bit less, so it's just cost effective for the owner."

In summary, be careful when you walk your pet to green belts or city parks. If you travel to areas with rattlesnake infestations, call us and we can protect your pet. If you have any questions or concerns, call us at 214-547-8387. Dr. James Greenwell and his loving staff are here to help you and your pet.

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For more in depth information on snake bites, click here.


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