Spoil your Dog Day

The 'National Spoil Your Dog Day' - which is annually held every August 10th - is just around the corner. This is that time of the year when dog owners can loosen up on that leash and allow their furry buddies the rare luxury of stepping outside their comfort zones. In anticipation of this big day, here are some of the ways you can spoil your best buddy this coming August.

1. Treat them to a Fancy Meal

Just like you and me, your barking buddy would also appreciate a special meal, other than his usual dietary regimen, during this day. This is also the opportune time of acclimatizing them to that new natural dog treat that you came across in your every-day-rounds in your local grocery. The ideal treat for your pooch for this day should be not only flavorful but also nutritious.

2. Take them Out for an Adventure

Most of our dogs rarely get the chance to wander off their kernels and see the world. Just as you would find it boring staying in the same place for a long time, your furry pal will also appreciate it if you can take him out for a ride or a walk this August. Just make sure that you roll your windows down, and fasten the pup securely in a handy dog seat restraint. The look of jubilation and pure bliss on faces as the wind blows down their hair is just priceless.

3. Take them for a Brief Stroll to the Nearest Dog Park

Truth be told, there are few better places for dog owners to spend some quality time with their furry BFFs. August 10th falls in the height of summer; this is also the best time to mingle and mix with other dog owners as you watch your dog/pup play with his fellow mates. Such simple social interaction, though seemingly unimportant, hosts an array of developmental benefits. Not to mention the fact that it can also be a good way to unwind an otherwise busy week.

4. Take him to Work With You

Your barking buddy would also love to have a taste of how it feels like to bring the bacon home. If it is feasible, you can use this day to bring him to work with you and showing them what it is that you do every day. Who knows, maybe they will be a little sympathetic to you the next time you can home all exhausted and drained.

In Closing

There are countless things that you can do on this day. Whatever it is that you do for your pooch, remember to keep it special, unique, and pampering.

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