Take Your Dog To Work Day Tips

Work Day Tips

June 24th is national Take Your Dog To Work Day. If you didn’t get the memo then you will be surprised if you see some furry ones passing by your office or cubicle.

A 2006 survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) found that 1 in 5 companies allow pets in the workplace. Participants said pets make for a creative work environment, improve employee attendance and productivity, and help employees better relate to each other according to Petsafe. “Having a dog, or any pet around has a soothing and mood-lifting effect on people.”

Here are some tips to make Take Your Dog To Work Day:

  1. Be Prepared – Don’t forget food and water for your dog. Leashes, collars, and poop bags would be a great help as well.
  2. Respect Others – Not everyone might be comfortable around a dog so respect them. Keep your dog around your office or cubicle and let others come and pet your dog.
  3. Cope with their anxiety – Maybe your dog might be anxious and they might not take to being in an office. If this is the case then make them feel comfortable as possible. They might not think Taking Your Dog To Work Day is cute. If you know your dog has high anxiety around other dogs or people then taking your dog isn’t a great idea. Know from the start to prevent anything bad from happening.
  4. Properly discard of lunches – Many dogs love snooping for food in garbage cans or anywhere else they can find it. Assume Fido will consider the wastebaskets under desks at the office or the trash receptacle in the break room as good places to grab a snack -- especially after lunch.
  5. Make sure your pet plays well with others – It is likely that you won't be the only one at your job bringing a pet to work. Some dogs would do fine if they were the only canine in the office. Add a few more, and perhaps some cats, and circumstances could change dramatically. Have an accurate sense of what the workplace atmosphere will be, and determine whether it is a good fit for your pet.

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